Apps and resources for visiting Scotland

If you are planning on visiting Scotland for the first time, then you are probably pretty excited! This is a beautiful and exciting country. There’s so much to explore, plenty of delicious food to eat and thousands of wonderful people to meet. It can actually be a little bit overwhelming. How do you make the most of your time here at Loch Lomond Waterfront? With this in mind, we’ve put together some tips for visiting Scotland as a list of some apps and resources that you might want to download and bookmark before you arrive. 

Apps to download

National Park Journey Planner

This new app is being trialled to encourage use of more sustainable modes of transport including public transport and cycling around Loch Lomond. The National Park Journey Planner is a way to help you get around the area without always needing to use a car. 

Historic Scotland

Scotland’s history is one of bloody wars and fascinating characters. Discovering the stories that made us the country we are today can be done in the many castle, forts and buildings spread across the Loch Lomond and wider area.The Historic Scotland app is a great start to get a feel on what types of places you’d like to visit. From castles to ruined forts, it can guide you to some of the most interesting tourist spots you might otherwise miss.

Google Maps

We’re a small country, but still big enough to be thoroughly lost in! Many rural areas around Loch Lomond have limited data, so it’s best to download any maps you might need in advance for use later. All our cities and large towns have good reception as well as Wi-Fi. Google maps is a great tool for knowing where you are and where you are going.

Two ladies looking at their phone whilst on a hike.

What 3 Words

If you are planning on meeting up with others, then What 3 Words offers a great way to share your exact location with everyone. This app offers 3 unique words to ID every single square metre on the planet, meaning you can direct people to your exact parking spot or seat in a beer garden. Just make sure your whole holiday party has it downloaded.

Weather App

If there is one word which describes Scotland’s weather, it is ‘unpredictable’. What can start as a gloriously sunny day can end in pouring rain – but that never stops us having fun here! You just need to prepare yourself in advance by checking local weather forecasts, or downloading a weather app, like this one from the Met Office.

Currency Converter

If you need some help getting your head around the dollar/euro/pound conversion rates, then a simple currency conversion app will help. XE is a popular and easy to use app that you can have ready when you need it in a shop.

A view of Loch Lomond at sunset.

Further resources

There are also a few websites which will be valuable to you during your stay at Loch Lomond Waterfront.

The first is Visit Scotland, which is Scotland’s national tourism organisation. This has up to date information on local sights and things to do. 

The Loch Lomond & The Trossachs official website is great for finding out specific areas to visit when staying with us. It’s useful for discovering ways to get around the area, and also what kind of activities you can book onto before you even arrive!

The Good Food Guide is useful for those keen to experience the best Scottish cuisine. Discover nearby restaurants that cook in season and local Scottish ingredients. 

If you have these sites and apps ready for your arrival, you will be well prepared to hit the ground running on day one of your break. Click here to find out more about our luxury accommodation at Loch Lomond Waterfront. We hope you enjoy our tips for visiting Scotland – and let us know on our Facebook page if you have any others!

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