Robert the Bruce’s connection to Loch Lomond

Who is Robert the Bruce?

Meet Robert the Bruce – a big deal in Scottish history! The legendary King of Scots led the nation during the turbulent First War of Scottish Independence against England from 1306 to 1329. He is renowned for his resilience and success in restoring Scotland to its independent status. Robert the Bruce is hailed as a national hero and his legacy continues to captivate historians and enthusiasts alike.

Robert the Bruce, king of Scots; stone statue in front of Stirling castle. Scotland
Robert the Bruce, King of Scots, stone statue.

The legend of Loch Lomond

Before ascending to the throne, Robert the Bruce faced adversity as an outlaw and was hunted by his enemies. During the early 14th century, an interesting chapter of his life is said to have unfolded at Loch Lomond. A place that holds a special connection to the Scottish king.

Legend has it that the King of Scots and 200 men sought refuge. They were on the run and crossed the waters of Loch Lomond. They found shelter under the branches of an ancient yew tree at Stuc an t’Iobhairt. Also known as the Hill of the Sacrifice.

Today, a weathered yew tree stands on a rocky hill in a private garden at the same spot mentioned in the historical tales. Could this ancient tree be the same one that sheltered Robert the Bruce and his men over 700 years ago? If the story is true and it’s been around for more than seven centuries, imagine how many Scots and travellers might have taken shelter under its branches. The link between Robert the Bruce and Loch Lomond is a real connection to Scottish history.

A weathered yew tree
A weathered yew tree.

Exploring Scotland’s history

Thinking about these historic stories makes Loch Lomond even more special. The ancient yew tree has seen so much history and it makes us think about all the tales from Scotland’s past. So, while you are enjoying the beauty of Loch Lomond also give a nod to Robert the Bruce, who left his mark on this place and made it a part of Scotland’s awesome history.

Loch Lomond aerial view at Autumn during sunrise near Tarbet.
Loch Lomond aerial view at Autumn during sunrise near Tarbet.

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