‘Blag’ a Munro – our top 5

The Munros are Scotland’s largest mountains with each standing at a minimum 3000ft. There are 282 across the country with 21 of these situated in the Loch Lomond and Trossachs National Park.

Munro ‘bagging’ (ticking off each Munro) has become popular amongst locals and keen mountain climbers in a mission to try to conquer all 282 of them. But you don’t need to be an experienced climber to summit one of the Munros and enjoy the stunning views across Scotland. Here’s our guide to some of the easier Munros to climb.

Ben Lomond

Ben Lomond is the most southerly of the Munros and dominates the Loch Lomond skyline, it is also the closest one to the Waterfront Lodges. As one of the most climbed mountains in Scotland, at 3200 ft, Ben Lomond is an enjoyable half day out. Starting from Rowardennan on the eastern shore of Loch Lomond, the initial stages of the climb are through woodland before the path opens up and, cloud permitting, you will get your first views of Ben Lomond and upon reaching the summit, glorious views across central Scotland.

Ben Lui

Regarded as one of the grandest of the Munros Ben Lui sits at 3707 ft. The shortest route up is from Glen Lochy where you can ascend up the north west ridge. However, a more challenging climb ascends from Dalrigh but involves a bit of a scramble at the top.

Ben Vorlich

Twinned with Stuc a’Chroin, these two peaks may appear similar from a distance but they could not be more different. Starting from Loch Earn, Ben Vorlich at 3230 ft is a popular walk and offers novice climbers an enjoyable day out. Stuc a’Chroin on the other hand, with its rocky paths, is for more serious walkers. Situated in the southern Highlands the view from the top offers expansive views across the Scottish lowlands.

Beinn Ime

Beinn Ime, at 3317 ft, is located on the western side of Loch Lomond and is part of the Arrochar Alps (the collective name for the peaks above the western shores of Loch Lomond). The easiest ascent is from the southern slopes by Bealach a’Mhaim. The start of the climb has well laid trails whilst the route gets slightly rougher towards the summit. However, it is a well-trodden trail so it is hard to lose your way.
For a challenging day out you can easily pair this climb with Beinn Narnain.

Beinn Narnain

Another one of the Arrochar Alps, Beinn Narnain at 3038 ft is a rocky little mountain with a number of false summits. The ascent is best made from Succoth by the south east ridge but it can also be climbed from the northern ridge from Bealach a’Mhaim where, if you want to ‘blag’ two Munros, you can pair it with Beinn Ime.

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