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Water Skiing & Board Sports

Water skiing and board sports such as paddleboarding and wakeboarding, are popular Loch Lomond water sports. They all involve riding the water’s surface, either on skis or a board. Sometimes pulled by a motorboat.

All these activities are available on Loch Lomond and are great ways to have fun on the water. Suitable for beginners, there are a range of lessons and sessions on offer. As well as more advanced coaching for experienced riders.

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Stand up paddleboarding (SUP) is fast becoming one of the most popular watersports around. It’s easy to learn and suitable for most ages. Start by kneeling on the board, gradually building up the confidence to stand. You can then move across the water, using a paddle to steer.


Wakeboarding is a thrilling alternative, which is lots of fun and suitable for beginners. The rider is fastened to a wakeboard and towed across the water by a motorboat.

Water Skiiing

In water skiiing, the rider stands on water skis and is towed by a motorboat. Usually at slightly faster speeds than wakeboarding.


Kneeboarding is where the rider kneels on a board, towed by a motorboat.


In wakesurfing, the rider trails behind the motorboat, but is not directly pulled by it. Instead, riding the boat’s wake.

Water sports sessions, lessons and equipment hire, Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond Leisure offers paddleboard hire and guided paddleboard tours, which provide a fun and unique way of experiencing the loch. They also provide wakeboarding, water skiing, wakesurfing and kneeboarding activities. Available from their Luss and Rowardennan locations.

Situated in Ardlui at the northern end of the loch is Loch Lomond Wakeboard. As well as wakeboarding for all levels of experience, they also offer paddleboard hire, speedboat tours and a range of other water sports and activities.

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