Climb the Conic Hill

Sitting directly behind the lodges at 1000ft high is Conic Hill. Right on the Highland Boundary Fault, this short hill walk offers truly fantastic views over Loch Lomond and its many islands. Departing from your lodge you can take the short 100 metre walk to the start of the forestry track. Follow the track up and round to the left before you see a track to your right heading up deeper in to the Millennium Forest. The walk through the forest up to the foot of the Conic is beautiful in itself and any photographer will be spoilt for choice for some magical shots.

Once you clear the forest you will reach a style which marks the start of the hill. There are steps on the first half of the climb which follows a small burn. Take the time to stop and look back at any point and you will not be disappointed with the views. In the spring and summer the path is adorned with yellow, coconut smelling, Gorse bushes whilst in the autumn months the different varieties of heathers turn the hillside in to various shades of purple, orange and browns.

A small tree marks the end of the steps and from here you have two choices. Once you have stopped to take some pictures you can head back down towards your left towards Manse Bay. From here you can walk back to the Lodges along the shore line. Alternatively, we recommend heading for the top. You don’t need to be the fittest of people to summit the Conic but it is well worth the effort – you won’t be disappointed with the views. On a good day you can see right across to Glasgow and even beyond to the Isle of Aronn.

Once you reach the peak you can take it easy and sit back and enjoy the breathtaking views across the water. We always prefer to take a flask of tea and a small picnic with us to enjoy at the top and whatever you do – don’t forget your camera.

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